will like to thank you for taking the time out to visit my website.
 I believe that it is always a plus to know the person or people you are considering to do business with.

I am a wife, mother, glam mother and Business woman that embraces strong values and family unity. Moving to Las Vegas from Detroit, have added even more success to my already Blessed endeavors. I feel with God, my husband and my kids on my side, the sky is Not the limit and I have Unlimited Opportunities. I am a Licensed Master Cosmetologist with over 25 years of experience. My knowledge and wisdom about hair and nails will always be a plus to the client seeking professional and stylish advice about your hair or nails.  I pride myself on being professional and kind to all my clients/customers and 100% Customer Satisfaction is my goal. I also believe in serving my clients/customers right the first time and making them feel comfortable about receiving salon services and purchasing from us.

I offer my clients/customers a great selection of products to choose from.
Our Hair Closet has some of the most up to date and at reasonable and affordable price points.

So I challenge you to shop with us, as well as be ready to receive exceptional and Professional Hair Care Service you may ever experience.
You will also experience the most relaxing and pleasurable hair service experience you can imagine. Marcedes looks forward to meeting you !

Thank you and God Bless